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Official Inside Flow Community Guidelines

Our goal is to protect the community that we've worked so hard to create.

§1 We support each other

§2 Teaching

  1. As Inside Flow teacher, you are not above your student. At the same time, you do your best to create the energy, so your students can flow and feel the magic.
  2. As professionals, we are always on time and well prepared.
  3. We commit to enriching the community by communicating with truthfulness, honesty, and kindness.
  4. When we teach a sequence from another teacher, we give the credit to that teacher.
  5. According to your status level, you are allowed to hold masterclasses, workshops and trainings. Please read the level guides carefully.
  6. With every new level you reach, you become more and more experienced teaching Inside Flow. Until you have reached the Junior Teacher level yourself, we recommend focussing on teaching officially verified Inside Flows from Pro, Senior and Junior Teachers. Of course, we do not want to pull the brakes on your creativity. If you feel like creating an Inside Flow earlier during your path of growth on your own, then ask for feedback from your mentor, so that you continuously offer your students the best of your teaching skills. Also Junior Teachers are recommended to get their Inside Flows officially approved.

§3 Publishing

  1. We always use the #insideflow so we can get connected on Social Media.
  2. We never post the whole sequence of the flow on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, WeChat, etc. We post a short video with a maximum length of 60 sec to promote Inside Flow classes and events.
  3. Only with the permission of Inside Flow Official, you can publish a full flow.
  4. When Inside Flow content is planned to be published to broad audiences (Magazines, TV, Online Show, Big Events, ...) you need to get the approval of Inside Flow Official.
  5. On-demand content is exclusively available on tintyoga.cominsideflow.com and insideyoga.org. You are not allowed to record Inside Flow content (such as classes, workshops, trainings, etc.) to publish on the web or to distribute in any other way. Replays from live online classes can remain available for a maximum of 24 hours.
  6. When we post the Flow of another teacher, we give credit to that teacher by tagging his social profile or linking to his/her teacher profile on insideflow.com.
  7. When we see misbehavior, we kindly remind the misbehaving person about the guidelines.

§4 Logo & Brand Usage

  1. We use the Logo and Brand of Inside Flow with respect and present it in the best way possible.
  2. It is recommended to hire a professional designer for your posters, flyers, and websites.
  3. We don't change the color or shape of the logos. Please check here to see the latest version of our logos.
  4. It’s only permitted to use the logo & brand for classes, workshops and trainings (according to your status). It is prohibited to use the logo & brand for own merchandise products and clothes or any other use other than outlined above.
  5. Don't include Inside Flow as part of your brand for example by using the word Inside Flow in your social media account names. Use your own name to represent yourself.

§5 TRC Guidelines

  1. To reach the next teacher level, you need to collect Training Credits (TRC) by attending Inside Flow trainings, workshops, concerts, and summits.  More about types of events here.
  2. Junior, Senior, Pro and Master Teachers can issue certificates including TRC for every Inside Flow event of more than 2 hours (1 hour = 1 TRC). For transparency reasons, these certificates need to be submitted to the Official Inside Flow team. For events with more than 5 TRC, teachers need to share the event details (location, date, TRCs, teacher, content that will be taught) with the Official Inside Flow Team and wait for the approval and feedback before continuing. 
  3. It is the responsibility of the Junior, Senior, Pro and Master Teachers who lead the event to issue the certificates. It is possible to involve the event host as support. In order to create certificates, please reach out to support@insideflow.com to receive all the details, documents, and guides.

§6 Guidelines for Instagram Community Accounts

  1. Only Inside Flow Official, as the brand of Young Ho Kim, founder of Inside Flow, is permitted to open official Inside Flow community accounts on Instagram for countries and regions, e.g. insideflowde for the GAS region.
  2. Official Inside Flow community accounts are to be named following this rule: 1) The first word is "insideflow" without any punctuation. 2) insideflow is then followed by the abbreviation of the country, for example "de" for Deutschland (Germany) or "vn" for Vietnam. This abbreviation will be picked by the host and Inside Flow Official.
  3. There is an official text for the bio of an official Inside Flow community account. The team of Inside Flow Official will supply it.
  4. Only Inside Flow Official is in a position to decide if a community Instagram account may be created or not and whom it may be hosted by.
  5. A host is neither the single owner nor the founder of an official community account. The account is owned by Inside Flow Official.
    1. A host has been given the honour to spread Inside Flow and grow the nation's or region's community.
    2. The hosts are responsible to inform the nation's or region's community about upcoming Inside Flow events that are of interest for the community.
    3. A host is responsible to share Inside Flow content that shows and/or explains further what Inside Flow is and that represents the community's activity.
    4. A host communicates in the language that the majority of the country's community speaks, for example insideflowde communicates in German.
    5. A host must not use an official Inside Flow community account for marketing oneself only. It is a community account to represent, inform and support the already existing Inside Flow community within the country, aiming to activate the community and to continuously grow.
  6. To avoid that an official Inside Flow community account becomes an account displaying oneself only, the account is led by at least 2 hosts.
    1. A host is required to be Junior Teacher Level or higher and/or an official partner or official studio owner.
    2. These two hosts may be tagged in the text of the account's bio.
    3. If you consider yourself as fulfilling the requirements of a host for a community Instagram account for your country's or region's community, you may apply through the following form. The team of Inside Flow Official will check your request and reach out with feedback and further steps.
  7. The honour of being a host can be withdrawn at any time when the host does not respect the Inside Flow guidelines, purposefully turns the official community account into a platform for displaying only themselves, or when speaking negatively about Inside Flow and its community.
  8. If "your" account is not included in the list of official Inside Flow community accounts below, it is not an official Inside Flow community account. You may either contact the team of Inside Flow Official to request an approval or you change the account into your personal account. Personal accounts shall not include the word “insideflow” in the username. More information about brand guidelines can be found here.

Helps us to protect the community

Welcome to Inside Flow's Guideline violation reporting form, where you can assist us in protecting our intellectual property rights around the world. Here, you can submit confidential reports to Inside Flow Official if you suspect an individual or entity is using Inside Flow's intellectual property (e.g., trademarks or copyrights) without a license or if you see violations of our guidelines. Our goal is to protect the community that we've worked so hard to create.

Please keep in mind that the information is kept confidential to the extent allowable by law.

Thank you for your loyalty to the Inside Flow community!

- Inside Flow, Community Lead

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